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Inspiration - Olga Stankevich

Today long-awaited album "Alone With the City" by Olga is finally released on iTunes. You can buy it at other online stores in a few days. Now we publish several reviews of music journalists, were introduced to the album.

"...Straddling the worlds of classical and pop instrumental music is risky business because there’s always a chance you’ll offend one party or the other. Likely, that offended side will be the classical side of the fence because those folks can be a whole lot more snooty than typical pop music listeners. Then again, some pop fans likely don’t want tricky classical elements complicating their pop songs. So it goes both ways.

For Alone with the City, Olga Stankevich has done a fine job in bringing two seeming opposites of the musical spectrum together. It’s clear she is both a skillful player and composer. This may not be music that will bring you closer to knowing and understanding Russia any better, but it’s nonetheless enjoyable listening music. And that was likely Stankevich’s intention, anyhow, so simply enjoy it.", says Dan Mcintosh.

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