The spritely keyboard pads and neo-classical stylings are a high point for the recording. Fans of industrial, electronic, symphonic, neo-classical, and dance music will love Olga’s latest endeavor.

Matthew Forss

Straddling the worlds of classical and pop instrumental music is risky business. Olga Stankevich has done a fine job in bringing two seeming opposites of the musical spectrum together. It’s clear she is both a skillful player and composer.

Dan MacIntosh

Olga Stankevich places herself in a unique musical niche. It is by all means an adventurous recording and anyone looking for an instrumental record with a bit of a twist would be hard pressed to find something quite as interesting as this.

Heath Andrews

Olga Stankevich’s newest effort Alone in the City, is brilliant from beginning to end. Her music and style has the ability to crossover genres, attracting Classic and Electronic fans alike.

Melisa Nastasy

Olga Stankevich fits into the modern school of clubland European electronica. Those who enjoyed Dreamway three years ago should have no problem appreciating or enjoying Alone With the City as well.

Alex Henderson

Here at Muso we’re no strangers to mind-bending genre-blending, but glam Russian pianist Olga Stankevich’s claim to mix classical with dance music came as something of a surprise.

MUSO Magazine

One of the reason this album is so successful is that Stankevich didn’t try and do Techno or House arrangements of classical works, or vice-versa.  Instead, she lets her classical training breathe through her compositions, mixing old and new, combining dance rhythms with classical arpeggios,…

Matthew Warnock

Admirers of European clubland electronica should keep a close eye on the intriguing Stankevich.

Alex Henderson

Stankevich displays exceptional skill throughout this album as a pianist and it’s her performance that keeps the listener engaged.

Impose Magazine
The album Dreamway Jason Randall Smith

Instrumentals within pop music are usually a rare find; normally, they just don't go together.  Russian piano pop princess Olga Stankevich plans to dispel that myth.

Michael Morgan
The album Dreamway Michael Morgan