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I am a music composer and a pianist Olga Stankevich want to say a big personal thank you for visiting my website and hope I can introduce you to something magical, a unique style of my music!

Ever since I was a little girl my first love has always been for music, and I now use the power of the internet to connect with a far-reaching audience and spread my passion across the globe.  I’m never far from a piano, and have been playing nearly all my life.

I love both classical and contemporary pop and dance culture, so draw my influences from both. I suppose you would say my style is an explosive mixture of pop and classical.

Please keep checking out my website. I hope you enjoy listening to and experiencing my tracks and I welcome your feedback.

I wish you all well,

Olga Stankevich

Olga Stankevich

By the Road of Creativity

To tell about Olga Stankevich let's start from afar. In the last millennium, in Leningrad, six years old girl was seriously attracted by music. "When I was young, I always sang, liked composing melodies on-the-fly" - Olga shares her memories - "Standing and singing before the mirror I wanted to be a famous Soviet star - Pugacheva. I was coping the artists so much that the music teacher in a kindergarten, every time, meeting my mother, begged her to take me to a music school, and my mother once yielded to persuasion. I remember my first time at music school - the empty, a long-long corridor. Portraits of composers hanging on the walls, and nobody around. Suddenly the door opened at the end of the corridor, and a woman have came out. Feeling the fear that we will leave right now, I cried the whole corridor: "Mom, I shall learn at her classes!". This way I went to music school. But the teacher who came out of the door taught piano and not singing, that determined my fate! "

Studying in the music school was very easy for Olga. Olga was a bright student and has participated in various public conserts and festivals. Playing a concert of Grieg in the chapel, a 13-year-old pianist took the high second place, yielded to a young man "with a more powerful chords ...», as was said by a member of the jury later. After graduating from music school, Olga easily entered the piano classes of the Music collage at the St. Petersburg Conservatory "Rimsky-Korsakov”, and in 16 years old, studying second year at college, she returned to her same music school as a teacher.

"The piano music that I like - are two extremes at the same time." - continued, Olga - "First of all, music is serious, sensible, philosophical, where we want to hear a leading voice, penetrating into the brilliant idea of the composer - for example, Bach. Secondly - the impulsive, dramatic and emotional - those are Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Liszt ... where the soul sings and cries ...».

As a pianist of the orchestra young Olga Stankevich toured Europe. She was impressed by the United Kingdom, its people, traditions and architecture. After a turbulent Russian 90s it was like to get through the Looking-Glass.

'I felt myself the Alice from Lewis Carroll's book. Even cars with their Right-Hand Drive stressed the feeling that I got into the world on the other side of the mirror. And more ... All the children love chocolate. How could I forget a trip to the Cadbury factory in Birmingham? Chocolate and a lot different in many ways. A chocolate town. I want somehow to take my children back there."

At that time Russia began broadcasting first FM radio station "Europe plus". In the Soviet radio appeared Madonna, Whitney Houston, Ice MC, Kylie Minogue, Kris De Burg, Depeche Mode and other Western artists with fresh hits. This inspired Olga for musical experiments, and she began to compose her first pop works.

"For my entire life I did not have any idol, I never admired no one, but always in my heart I hear songs of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carrey. That is something "soul", eternal romance.

After graduating from the Petersburg Music collage, Olga moved to Moscow, to enter on the vocal faculty of the institute of Gnesin to finally realize her childhood dream of becoming a singer. Fate decreed otherwise.

"In order to enter the conservatory on the vocal faculty - Olga continues the story - in college I had also to deal with the vocals, and not give all my power and soul to piano plays. I have successfully made ​​a career of the pianist, but was not ready to continue studies at the stage vocal faculty. My natural vocal skills helped were enough to enter the opera faculty of the Moscow Academy of Art and Culture. Five years later, I had successfully graduated from the Academy, but have realised that did not like opera. Instead of singing I found an interest in creating works at the intersection of two cultures. At the home studio I began to write demos of my plays/ Now some of them are a part of the first album. I do not know how to name the style of music I write "- Olga laughs -" But someone calles my music -  the explosive mixture of pop and classics."

Indeed, it's not easy to identify the style of music that Olga Stankevich makes. Definitely she creates high-quality instrumental tracks in the popular pop style, developing the tradition of Robert Miles, Space and Jean Michel Jarre. In her works we see a distinctive feature - catchy leading piano parts. Listeners notes an unexpected mixture of romance classical music school with rhythmic aggression, so characteristic of urban dance styles, such as RNB.

After graduating from the Academy Olga got married and now had two wonderful daughters. She studied the law, headed the musical department of the famous Moscow theater agency,  all this time continued to write music. And the day of the world acquaintance with Olga Stankevich's music has come. 

"I took a chance and put some of my works to the Internet." - Olga says, - "The results exceeded all expectations. My work was in demand, and I realized that it was time to change my life, to go back to my way."

In November, 2010 with support from Quite Great Solutions ltd, London the first release of single "Inspiration" took place on iTunes. Along with it was released the light trance mix on this track, remixed by electro house supremo Justin Fry.

The track made real waves and sounds in major clubs around the world. It is already gaining support from Armin Van Buuren, crowned the world's # 1 DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 polls for the several consecutive year.

In 2011, Olga Stankevich released the second, a full album of her instrumental fantasies, called "Piano and the City: Dreamway". In August 2014 we were pleased with Olga's third album "Alone With the City".

Now Olga is a producer of  IFPI and a member of the Copyright Societies of UK. She lives and works in Russia, in Moscow. Her works were heard in the world famous television series and used by dance and sports teams all over the Globe. 

"I create music the way I see my life! If someone in the world, listening to my music, feels what I feel, that is the greatest reward to me. We live in different counties but we are alike. We breathe, eat, worried for our families, we love our children and strive to live in peace. Your feedback is the best you can give me! Your comments, my beloved listeners, give me the power, the feeling that I'm not alone and that you need my music.

Thank you all!"