The album Alone with the City

Olga Stankevich’s newest effort Alone in the City, is brilliant from beginning to end. Her music and style has the ability to crossover genres, attracting Classic and Electronic fans alike.

Melisa Nastasy

Olga Stankevich, shines with her latest release, Alone With the City. Hailing from Russia, the musical prodigy will captivate listeners with her enchanting piano playing and angelic melodies. Having taken an interest in music as early as 6 years old, Stankevich honed her performance skills throughout college and beyond. Often blending a mix of Classical with the sounds of Urban, R&B and a slight dose of Electroinica, Olga will certainly be a surprise within every song on Alone With the City. She has gained support from such notable artists as Armin Van Buren, one of the world’s most famous DJs, and I have a feeling it isn’t going to stop there.

Opening the record is gorgeous piece, “Moscow Midnight,” which will grab the listener’s ears right from the beginning. Olga’s use of traditional, Classical, piano is a breath of fresh air in the musical world. With a sound well suited for dramatic movie moments, the piece combines a bright, yet haunting piano, alongside echoing synthetic string sounds, which create a somber, beautiful sound. One can really feel the emotion in her piano playing, as it pours out of her fingertips.

“Beyond the Time,” brings Alone in the City up a notch, bringing an electronic element into the record. During this song, Stankevich really shows her strength as a composer. The electronic based background is accompanied by a vibrant piano layered on top. String sounds enter once again which surrounds the piano with such grace. Slight wind instruments are also heard as a stunning addition into the piece, and an unexpected one at that.

Continuing in the same vein is the song “Smile,” that tends to give the album a very cohesive sound. The electronic elements are brought in once again, alongside the harmonious piano, but this time, it brings an extra boost to the record. Olga’s songwriting ability is brought to life even more so than before. The subtle drum beats work perfectly along the Classical aspects, creating a piece that will have jaws dropping and ears open wide.

The next song on the record is “Recalcitrance,” that opens with a lovely piano tone at first, before launching into a darker, Trance induced piece. Staccato strings swing into action, building up anticipation slowly. Stankevich’s piano is often played softly, but with great force and meaning at the same time, conveying emotions non-verbally.

“Walk,” kicks off with a bang, bringing an urban-dance groove into the record. The track flaws perfectly with the general tone of the album, even though it is heavier on the electronic side than a few others on Alone in the City. Olga manages to keep her bright piano playing into the mix that evokes such emotion in its tone, tying all of the elements together.  “Sound Sleep,” is haunting right from the start, with exquisite orchestration of softly played strings and intricate echoing pianos. This is perhaps the most beautiful piece on the record, and is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. Electronic voice sounds enter the piece, which is a lovely factor.

“In Limbo,” closes out the record, with great force. Electronica factors are brought in once again to truly close the album out with astonishment. Heavy-hitting beats resonate throughout, as they play alongside the familiar enchanting piano tones we fell in love with from the beginning. This is a perfect way to close out the collection of songs without doubt.

Olga Stankevich’s newest effort Alone in the City, is brilliant from beginning to end. Her music and style has the ability to crossover genres, attracting Classic and Electronic fans alike. Stankevich has a lasting career ahead of her, and hopefully will be a household name soon.

Olga Stankevich

Alone With the City
By Melissa Nastasi
5 Out of 5 Stars