Alone with the City (musical film)

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Watch the music story "Alone With the City." In this video Olga talks about her attitude to music. Live performance by the author of four tracks from the album of the same name.  

This World is endlessly interesting for me, with billions of people living in it, speaking different languages, with their joys and sorrows. Each of us is immersed in the depths of the emotions surrounding us and at the same time filled with the own ones inside. To be happy, we need to feel that we are not alone. Language of music unites our hearts, gives us the strength to fight for what we believe.

Every day we are wading our way in the semi-darkness of the subway, or standing in a traffic jam, nervously drumming our fingers on the steering wheel of the car, for the hundredth time a day looking into a diary and then are staring on too hasty second hand on the watch.

But suddenly everything changes as soon as we hear the familiar trill of smartphone that invites to take a look at the message left by someone of friends in the Net. We forget for a moment about what just disturbed our thoughts and feelings, about traffic jams or crowd around, and are relieved to draw a smiley in response. The World that just tested our strength, suddenly showed that we are not alone. It gave us hope and strength.
I do not compose my music. In the language of music the energy pouring through me to the World. It is the only language in which is simple and easy to me to express  feelings that overwhelm me. I know there are people in this world who are close to my feelings, and this language makes them to understand that they are not alone.

Music is the instrument that gives composer and performer an opportunity to share their knowledge and emotions with their listeners, find a common understanding of what is this world.

We listen to the music that again and again allows us to find confirmation of ideas we already believe in! It connects us with invisible threads, giving the feeling that we are not alone in our belief. That there is someone in this world,  who feels like we do, thinks the same way as we do, shares the same values that we do.

Music is able to divide and unite people. Aggressive one sets up us to fight. But if the melody exudes love then the warmth fills our souls making us to think about something bright and intimate.

I know that this World is not perfect, but anyway is gorgeous. How the mankind could exist thousands of years if there were no love of this World to us, and we would not been in love to this world?

I can't stop to write music. It would be like as to stop to breathe, or stop to love. I am pleased to know that my plays help someone in this World to understand that he is not alone. And for me, as an artist, the greatest reward is to feel oneness with a someone, although unfamiliar to me, who shares my feelings.

My friends, Noone alone in this world. Our deeds and words generate waves that can make our World and our live better or worse.

Let's give joy to the World, and the World will thank us the same!


With Love,

Olga Stankevich

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