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Ольга Станкевич (Olga Stankevich)

Hi there!

I want to say a big personal thank you for visiting my website and I hope I can introduce you to something magical, a unique style of my music!

I love both classical and contemporary pop and dance culture, so draw my influences from both. I suppose you would say my style is an explosive mixture of pop and classical. But this is how I see and love this world. Now I use the power of the internet to connect with a far-reaching audience and spread my passion across the globe...

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The Traditions of Olympism In Our Hearts

Rebecca Hart in Rio 2016
The music of Russian composer and pianist OLGA STANKEVICH was performed at the Paralympic games in Rio. REBECCA HART, a 6-time national U.S. champion in the equestrian sport used the “Inspiration" in her program.

WithLove - Shop of beautiful things

WithLove Интернет-бутик Ольги Станкевич

My dear friends!

Have a look to my shop of beautiful things - Online Boutique "WithLove".

One day I realized that people like not only my music, but models of bags as well, gifts, things I create with my team, loved ones. Welcome to small online shop which is always happy to see our friends. Feel free to share Your thoughts and wishes. They are very interesting to me and we always welcome non-standard, creative orders!

Alone With the City. New album released

Olga Stankevich

Long-awaited album "Alone With the City" by Olga today is finally released on iTunes. You can buy it at other online stores in a few days. Now we publish several reviews of music journalists, were introduced to the album.

"...Straddling the worlds of classical and pop instrumental music is risky business because there’s always a chance you’ll offend one party or the other. Likely, that offended side will be the classical side of the fence because those folks can be a whole lot more snooty than typical pop music listeners. Then again, some pop fans likely don’t want tricky classical elements complicating their pop songs. So it goes both ways. For Alone with the City, Olga Stankevich has done a fine job in bringing two seeming opposites of the musical spectrum together. It’s clear she is both a skillful player and composer...

Music video Alone With the City

Please look the music video "Alone With the City". Three tracks from the new self-titled album by Olga Stankevich are performed live.

The spritely keyboard pads and neo-classical stylings are a high point for the recording

Olga Stankevich - Alone With the City
Alone With the City
Matthew Forss

Russian pianist and composer, Olga Stankevich, blends classical string and symphonic influences with modern dance elements that are majestic, atmospheric, and new age-driven. The keyboard sounds and neo-classical elements are prevalent throughout the entire seven-track release. Importantly, Olga’s sophomore release is completely instrumental. The symphonic undertones are also very cinematic and suspenseful.

“Moscow Midnight” opens with a bright piano melody with electronic percussion sounds and symphonic, keyboard pads that lighten any mood. The sweeping piano melody is very majestic and cinematic with an element of hope and yearning overall. The piano notes are very bright and clear in places, but the majority of piano sounds blend in to the symphonic overtures and percussion. Nevertheless, the various melodies and rhythms blend together harmoniously without any faults.


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